How do payments work?

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At the end of the week, we'll tally the hours you spent providing care based on the times automatically saved when you complete drop-off and pick-up via Otter.  Next, we’ll pay you according to the hourly rate you set in your care agreement. Your baseline pay is $(total hours x hourly rate).  If you provided care for more than one child in the same family, you will be paid an additional 30% of this amount for each additional child.


Let's look at an example.  Suppose that Jordan's hourly rate is $20/hour and that this week she provided 25 hours of care to two siblings.  At the end of the week, Jordan will be paid

(25 hours x $20/hour) + 30%(25 hours + $20/hour) 

= $500 + $150 

= $650.


Our transactions happen at 11:59 PM PT each Saturday, and you should receive your payment shortly thereafter.  Before your first day of care, you'll need to add your bank account information (account number, routing number, etc.) or debit card information to your Otter account.  Otter payments are processed through Stripe, a global payments platform trusted by thousands of businesses. It is SSL protected, encrypted, and PCI compliant (the most stringent level of certification in payment processing security).

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