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Policy Statement

We understand that plans change, especially when there are little ones involved. That said, our families rely on one another to follow through on scheduled care. Our cancellation policy encourages all parties to provide ample notice of any changes so that alternate care can be arranged, and protects caregivers from loss of income in case of last minute cancellations. Cancellations resulting from confirmed extenuating circumstances will not result in penalties.


If you have been cancelled on, please report the cancellation to Otter so that we can help.


Policy Overview and FAQs

Cancellation Definition

You are responsible for a cancellation if any of the following are true absent a confirmed extenuating circumstance:

  • You cancel a booking in the Otter app or through offline communication with another user
  • You are more than 30 minutes late to a scheduled booking as a careseeker
  • You are not present at the time of booking as a caregiver
  • You fail to authenticate your identity via selfie or alternative verification method offered by Otter customer service when required to do so
  • You violate one of Otter’s policies, resulting in a canceled booking
  • You provide incorrect profile information such that the booking can not take place (e.g. location of care)
  • Minimum home safety or cleanliness standards are not met at the scheduled time of booking

Careseeker Cancellation Policy

Absent qualifying extenuating circumstances:

  • Changes to the date or time of care can be arranged with your caregiver without penalty up to 24 hours before scheduled care. Within 24 hours of scheduled care, you may arrange changes to dropoff and pickup times with your caregiver, but you will be charged, at minimum, the number of hours originally scheduled.
  • Cancellation 24+ hours before scheduled care will result in a full refund, including service fees
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled care will result in a cancellation fee equal to one day of care plus service fees

Caregiver Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are waived if the prior 10 bookings were completed without cancellation. Otherwise, absent extenuating circumstances:

  • Cancellation between 24 hours and one week (7 days) from scheduled care results in a $50 cancellation fee deducted from your next payout
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled care results in a $100 cancellation fee deducted from your next payout

Extenuating Circumstances

If any of the following extenuating circumstances apply to your cancellation, contact Otter Customer Support within 24 hours of cancellation with documentation of your claim. If an extenuating circumstance is confirmed by our team, all cancellation penalties will be waived.

  • Serious illness or health emergency in the family
  • Death in the family
  • The following symptoms of contagious illness of a child in the last 24 hours:
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • A fever over 99 degrees
    • Heavy nasal discharge
    • Red eye with discharge
    • Persistent cough
    • Head lice
    • A communicable disease, e.g., COVID-19, mumps, strep, chicken pox, hepatitis, pneumonia, measles, rubella, scarlet fever, scabies, pertussis, haemophilus/influenzae type b, encephalitis or meningitis
  • Extreme weather causing safety concerns (e.g. wildfire, hurricane, etc.)
  • Non-environmental emergencies causing safety concerns (e.g. lost power or broken sewer pipe at the location of care) 

Account Consequences

If you cancel persistently resulting in poor experiences for our families, we may suspend your account.


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